Doc Shauna Springer with Jennifer Tracy-Inspire and Mike Schuppe

Doc Springer calls to the warrior spirit in all of us...her understanding of warrior and first responder wellness is absolutely game changing. 

So often, the strongest and bravest of us struggle in silence. 



If you are wired like a warrior...


Your first instinct is to hide your pain...


You dread burdening others with your personal struggles...


You have a real fear that seeking help could cost you everything...


You may even feel like suffering without support is a part of your calling...


With the right insights, you can move through adversity and get your life back!


We are all resilient...until we're not. Doc Springer's guide gives warriors and first responders the insights they need to overcome mental warfare.

"As a trusted Doc to countless warriors and protectors, I have a deep respect for the strength and courage you already possess. This experience is not about a diagnosis. I do NOT see you as "broken."

I know that your trust must be earned by those who show themselves worthy of it. I hold this trust as sacred. 

This trust has led me to gain clarity on the private struggles you face. 

Armed with the insights I've learned from my work with countless warriors, you can get free of feeling helpless - about your own struggles or the struggles of those you love like family. This experience will fundamentally change your approach to wellness - and it might save a life - yours, or the life of someone you love."

 Doc Springer

When I was in the midst of my battle with suicidal ideation I was convinced that my daughters were better off without me.

I fought for over a year until the day I had the sickest thought while I was driving in the car with my daughters. That was the day I walked myself into the psychiatric unit. 

That choice came with severe consequences. As a result, I deeply understand what can happen when you trust the wrong person with your most private pain.

This is why it is such an honor to have partnered with Doc Springer to bring you Real Solutions to the Real Problems You Are Facing.

 Jennifer Tracy

There is a way to move with purpose through adversity.

Our minds are notorious & often treacherous battlefields! If you are in a fight for your own mental wellness... (whether military, first responder, medical, humanitarian, etc.) then arm yourself with the best weapon to win... sew deeply down into your heart these lessons by Doc Springer; they are written in blood.

KC West

Our minds are notorious & often treacherous battlefields! If you are in a fight for your own mental wellness... (whether military, first responder, medical, humanitarian, etc.) then arm yourself with the best weapon to win... sew deeply down into your heart these lessons by Doc Springer; they are written in blood.

KC West


Stop feeling helpless. Gain Doc Springer's life-changing insights.


Doc Springer doesn’t emit pity… she understands the warrior spirit at an instinctive level. She communicates…we are strong enough to overcome the challenges before us and that we can do this by using skills we possess already, whether we realize it or not. She doesn’t see us as broken. She calls to our strength and she walks with us in a way that translates like this: I see the challenges before you, and I can help you get clear on them as well. Now, get up and fight.

Sergeant Eddie Wright

- U.S. Marine Corps (Ret), Bravo Co. 2nd Plt. 1st Reconnaissance Bn., OIF I, II

 These dog tags represent fallen Marines, beloved brothers who are irreplaceable to those who served and shed their blood with them.  

The weight of this grief cannot be put into words. 

In addition to those lost from physical warfare, there are irreplaceable people lost to mental warfare.

“Awareness” alone only breeds helplessness.

Alarming statistics about those we are losing to suicide promotes the false belief that there is no way to stop these losses.

Warriors are people of action. They need insights they can apply and use to move through the challenges they face. 

Doc Springer's guide is full of new insights that come from years of serving warriors and first responders.

Doc Springer's guide delivers a range of new choices for confronting the most urgent and painful problems related to wellness - for example, overcoming trauma, navigating grief, healing from survivor guilty, getting free of shame, and learning how to have a GOOD fight with those we love. 

Warriors have felt helpless for too long when it comes to mental warfare. 


This can stop today.

Shauna Springer and Jennifer Tracy - Redefine Your Mission with the Master Guide To Mental Wellness

Shauna Springer, the author of WARRIOR, is a warrior in her own right. The insights she delivers are the product of rarely given trust and openness that she’s earned over years with our warfighter community. The battle against veteran suicides isn’t yet won, but Shauna’s presence on that battlefield gives all of us, veterans and those who want to help them, hope for victory.

- Karl Marlantes

Best-selling author of Matterhorn and recipient of the Navy Cross, a Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals for valor, two Purple Hearts, and 10 Air Medals

I'm Ready To Start This Journey ->>>


These tools, strategies, and solutions fit into your life, in a totally private, confidential, at-your-own pace kind of way. Accessible from your phone too.


Without spending thousands of dollars, you can get clear on shame, moral injury, depression, relationship struggles, and move with purpose towards the life you want to have.


This is not another offer on resilience. Doc Springer already knows you are resilient. Her guide will help you get clear on the battle you are facing and use the strengths you already have to adapt and face your challenges.

What Military Spouses Are Saying

Dr. Shauna Springer’s WARRIOR is exactly what our civilian supporters, employers, military, and veteran community need to truly understand and support our combat veterans. She is the only mental health professional I have met who unequivocally understands the warrior ethos as well as the psychology and healing to guide those struggling through combat trauma.

I have been the spouse of an Infantryman for 26 years. After 19 years of combat deployments we have walked the path with many friends (Soldiers and spouses) who have struggled with combat trauma. WARRIOR has opened my eyes to another side of supporting and understanding combat trauma that I never imagined.

I highly recommend it to any reader who works with, supports, or loves a combat veteran. Pay attention to, follow, and support Dr. Shauna Springer’s work. She is moving mountains for combat veterans.


Amy Shick, Army Spouse, Military Spouse Entrepreneur


What makes Doc Springer's guide UNIQUE among the wide variety of "Wellness" Programs?

When We Connect... We Survive...

 Shauna ‘Doc’ Springer is one of the world's leading experts on psychological trauma, military transition, suicide prevention, and close relationships and the best-selling author of WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us. A Harvard graduate who has become a trusted Doc to our nation’s military warfighters, she is a frequently requested keynote speaker and media commentator on a wide variety of topics for high-profile media outlets.

But most important, she is TRUSTED by countless warriors and first responders. Her insights flow from this trust - a trust that is both unique and very special, and from her proven ability to see what others don't see.

What Others Are Saying

Doc Springer understands the impact war has on the warfighter, and how these experiences destroy lives. Her wisdom, both penetrating and insightful, has the power to save a life. For anyone struggling to rediscover enjoyment and trust, please read her words, and then pass them on to as many as you can.


- Bill Edmonds, Special Forces officer and author of God Is Not Here

Suffering in Silence Ends Here

 "Before I met Doc Springer, I was isolated with my personal demons. Doc Springer turned my life around.  She led me through a personal catharsis I could not have done alone and got me through to the high ground on the other side.  She provided the covering fire so I could confront my demons, realize that I am not alone, and maneuver through my struggle. She is a permanent member of my Tribe."

 - Rich Stinson, LTC, U.S. Army, Retired

Dr. Springer has embedded her life into the military and veteran community. She understands how and when to ask bold questions and make necessary blunt statements in order to heal or guide veterans' issues... her tireless work is not a repeat of what we already know.

Contra Costa County Veterans Service Officer and Marine Corps veteran

Here's A Breakdown of What's Included

You get Doc Springer's Guided Experience for $75.00 until 04/2022 ...

Guided Experience with Doc Springer

$197.00 Value



  • The 3 factors that determine quality of life for protectors, rescuers, and defenders.

  • The roots of survivor guilt and the critical difference between guilt and shame.
  • How to fight with loved ones without damaging them (or your relationship).
  • Self-destructive thoughts: understanding unique vulnerabilities of warriors and first responders
  • Insights for building trust with a therapist or coach, at your own pace.

A sample of insights in the Master Guide created by Doc Springer and Jennifer Tracy


As part of a collaboration, Doc Springer and Jennifer Tracy analyzed some of the insights they agree are critical. 

  • Dispelling the myth of "one single right solution"

  • How to build trust with a new mental health provider.
  • Wisdom on mental health medication
  • Understanding the difference between guilt and shame
  • Empowerment and perspective

To help you utilize Doc Springer's guide, you'll also receive these bonuses...


Contains 20+ Exercises strategically designed to help you take action and gain traction, right now!


Keep your thoughts, worksheets, and self-care checklist organized and there when you need it. Plus 365 days of personal growth prompts.



A Welcome Message...


This Is For You If:

  • You're tired of advice from people who don't get it.
  • You've tried other things that didn't work.
  • You want time-tested and trusted insights that you can apply right away.

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You want an instant cure.
  • You think there is a single best solution for everyone.
  • You are not willing to put in the effort to learn and grow.

"Dr. Shauna Springer has gained the trust of the very guarded warfighter community and changed the way we look at healing trauma."  


Mike Ergo, LCSW

Combat Marine/IronMan Triathlete












Frequently Asked Questions

Doc Springer equips people who have a warrior spirit with practical ways to make the “unseen enemy” visible and provides unique insights and powerful strategies that can be used to overcome personal and relationship challenges to achieve lasting mental wellness

I'm Ready To Start This Journey>>>

Doc Springer is one of us... she understands a warrior’s worth beyond war. She is a key member of my tribe and I know she's always got our six!

- David Bachmann (USMC Veteran, 2nd battalion, 7th Marines)


Doc Springer has been there for us since day one. She has been a part of our “sacred circle.” She has heard and seen our souls cry.

- Rumaldo Parra, Master Sergeant, USMC (Ret)


Doc Springer sticks her hand deep into the dark mire and pulls struggling warriors straight into the sunshine – right where they belong.

- Major Scott Huesing, Best-selling Author, Echo in Ramadi

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