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Jennifer's Master Guide

$75/one-time investment with additional Master Level Exercises to Take Action

Developed from her book From The Deepest Darkness To The Light of Hope

  • Insights on the suicidal mind. Strategies to understand and navigate its complexity.

  • How being resilient can breed the need to be perfect & what to do instead.
  • Concepts on how hard it is to forgive yourself and others.
  • Why it's challenging but possible, to find life on the other side of trauma, loss, and grief.
  • Practical ways to navigate mental warfare and "take your power back."


Confidential, guided online experiences based on years of work with leaders, warriors, and first responders - that offer time-tested strategies.

Your Guides:

Contains videos, key points, and a wide range of time-tested strategies that deepen and expand what is in Jennifer Tracy’s best-selling book and Online Guide- How To Win The Mental Health Battle You Are Facing. 


A Holistic View of Wellness-contains 4 key takeaways.

Rock Bottom Experiences-Adapt or Stay Stuck.

God | Higher Power | Faith

Lasting Change- Strategies For Growth.

Finding Life On The Other Side.

Included Ebook- Inside The Guide 

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These tools, strategies, and solutions fit into your life, in a totally private, confidential, at-your-own pace kind of way. Accessible from your phone too.


Without spending thousands of dollars, you can get clear on shame, navigate grief and trauma, depression, and learn how to "Master" Personal Growth & Mental Wellness.


This is not another offer on resilience. We already know you are resilient. We help you get clear on the battle you are facing and use the strengths you already have to adapt and face your challenges.

($75.00 for The Master Guide with Jennifer Tracy) One-Time Investment

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No One Should Ever Be Penalized For Taking Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing...

No One Should Ever Be Penalized For Taking Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing...