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Winning A Battle Requires

A Strategy and A Plan 


Whether it's Personal, Professional, or Mental Health.

Is This You?

Do You Wake Up Every Day Wondering If Things Will Ever Change?

You Aren't Alone

It wasn’t always like this. And now, you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder, how did I get here? What is wrong with me? Why am I so unhappy and depressed? Yikes, if people knew the thoughts inside my head, I’d be locked up for sure.

Every day starts with a long list of to-do’s and it feels like other people are checking those things off their list just fine. Deep inside, you wonder, are they really that happy or are they faking it?

  • Have you experienced sleeplessness, or inability to focus?
  • Does fear of losing your job keep you from seeking help?
  • Are you facing marital struggles or issues relating to others outside of the job?
  • Have you felt like no one understands your stress, feelings of anger, or how you cope?
  • Do you need an outside perspective to help you and your family during transition or crisis?

Who Is This For?

  • Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs...
  • Firefighters, Police Officers...
  • EMT/Paramedics...
  • Dispatchers... 
  • Veteran... 

Active or Retired it doesn't matter...

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Did you know there are thousands of people walking around feeling the way you are?

What Is Professional Coaching?

Professional Consulting & Coaching 
  • A strategy and plan where we take seriously the battle you are facing.
  • A strategy and plan designed to make the unseen enemy become seen.
  • A strategy and plan crafted to get you unstuck and moving forward in life.
  • A strategy and plan that can lead you to discover how to take the tools you already have and use them in new ways.
  • A strategy and plan designed to help you save your job, marriage, and life.
  • A strategy and plan that looks at all areas of your life. Mental, emotional, and spiritual, physical, and occupational.
What Professional Consulting & Coaching IS NOT
  • A magic pill
  • An overnight fix
  • A lot of talk and no action
  • Psychotherapy or Professional Counseling
  • Something that will heal you completely and make everything better
"A good Coach knows that failure is part of the process. Their real superpower is in the ability to empower others to stay focused on the end game so they can win. 
Jennifer Tracy

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Why Us

We are dedicated to providing Real Solutions to the Real Problems that you are facing. This is not another offer on how to be more resilient. These are time-tested strategies that are changing lives every day. 


To enable client breakthroughs in a way that's rewarding and challenging. Learn how to redefine the way you view 'suffering silently' and add "mental wellness" to your to-do list.  


Enable any client to find the power within to find a clear purpose, reach their goals, and experience authentic, meaningful, and lasting change without fear and shame.


We are committed to providing a positive process, through an integrated approach to mental wellness while addressing the needs of the person or organization.

  • Chances are if you are reading this, you might be feeling depressed. Maybe you know you have symptoms of PTSD.
  • Possibly, you’re in denial because the honest truth of what you are facing seems too much to bear.
  • REAL FEAR. And if not fear of losing your job, at least their respect
  • Possibly it’s your pride. After all, there are thousands of therapists and doctors who can help you, right? 
  • If not your pride, maybe you truly have tried everything you know to do and you don’t know what to do next.

"Every successful business owner, team, and player knows the importance of having a plan. Winning a mental health battle is no different. Nowhere along the way did someone offer me a plan on how to successfully navigate the battle I was facing. That is why I created one."

Jennifer Tracy

When I had an old Army buddy reach out to me for help in battling his long-time addiction demons, Jennifer Tracy stood out from the list of helpful resources available which include Veterans Affairs.
Jennifer’s unique ability to relate on a personal level through shared experiences of grief and loss immediately establishes trust with seemingly unreachable patients/clients, that quite frankly, others had given up on!
Her sharp listening skills, keen attention to individual details, and spot-on feedback helped me to understand the suicidal mind, and how to approach my old “battle-buddy” in a way he could hear.
In just a few private discussions, Jennifer is able to create an individualized follow-on road map that will lead you out of darkness, and towards the healing light with forgiveness, acceptance, and above all, loving compassion in tow.
I highly recommend Jennifer Tracy’s adaptable services to all my military and first responder brethren in search of healing and change.

Felix Figueroa, Communications Specialist/OEF/OIF Veteran


  • Are there members in your workplace who are suffering silently? Ask yourself, how do you truly know?
  • Help your employees by identifying the potential signs and symptoms of PTS(D) and Burnout.
  • Choose a preventive approach for the sake of your employees and their families.
  • Equip them now, not later with Action Steps to take towards wellness.


Giving Up Is Not An Option

I remember when I was in a full on battle with suicidal ideation. My thoughts were, “Your daughters are better off without you. Things will never get better.”

Don’t Give Up- 

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As a U.S. Veteran and career firefighter, I’ve been around friends and colleagues who have struggled with different “demons,” and even lost some…

I myself struggled with diagnosed PTSD from issues relating to the job. I met Jennifer Tracy on LinkedIn and was impressed with the work she was doing for the “badge”. She calls herself a civilian, but to me… she’s as much a badge as anyone I have ever met.

I thought I knew Jennifer Tracy well until I read her book and really just took in her story.

I know tragedy, I’ve seen many of its faces, but Jennifer is just one of those rare people that took on more than any one person’s share of grief…of pain and said no you won’t beat me.

I encourage everyone to read her story if anything to appreciate what you have. If you are one of those people that are struggling or have struggled out there, and there are many of us these days…then this should be required reading.

Steven Straight
CCAI President/Veteran/Fire Fighter
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 “If we learn to accept our emotions as real and understand that they are part of our chemistry, we can learn to move through them rather than struggling against them and increase the joy in our lives.”

- Mike Schuppe - 2022

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  • We do more than talk, we take action.
  • Right after our first session, we set up attainable goals.
  • We connect in between calls in a private online portal.
  • We guide you to take the steps you need to navigate the complexity.

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