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Have you ever wondered what people who are suicidal think?

Have you ever truly thought about the courage it takes to...

  • Admit that you need help
  • Talk to someone about your troubles
  • Seek assistance when you fear the consequences
  • Choose to heal in the midst of pain

It takes incredible courage to reach out for help when the tools and resources you have are no longer working.

This book is packed with the powerful lessons she found buried beneath decades of pain. Jennifer will light the way with Hope for those who are still seemingly trapped within the dark maze of depression, grief, anxiety, or facing the fury of the storm.

Walk with Jennifer as she holds nothing back and takes you inside the mind of suicide, grief, depression, and pain.

She'll inspire you to think differently as she shares how her two-year battle with suicide actually PREPARED her to know how to fight for herself and her surviving daughters when her husband and daughter were killed in a car crash.

Throughout this book, I will walk you through the most valuable lessons I have learned that may benefit your life as well.

Statements of Support 

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Praise for the Audiobook Narrated By Jennifer Tracy herself...

Steven Straight, President/CCAI

As a U.S. Veteran and career firefighter, I've been around friends and colleagues who have struggled with different "demons", even lost some...I myself struggled with diagnosed PTSD from issues relating to the job. I met Jennifer Tracy on LinkedIn and was impressed with the work she was doing for the "badge."

She calls herself a civilian, but to me... she's as much a badge as anyone I have ever met. I thought I knew Jennifer Tracy well until I read her book and really just took in her story. I know tragedy, I've seen many of its faces, but Jennifer is just one of those rare people that took on more than any one person's share of grief...of pain and said no you won't beat me. I encourage everyone to read her story if anything to appreciate what you have.

If you are one of those people that are struggling or have struggled out there, and there are many of us these days...then this should be required reading. 



Amanda Knight

The entire book feels more like a conversation with a friend. She might as well have been sitting at my table, having coffee with me. The book is not clinical or technical or cold. It's her truths, her feelings, her hard-fought battle, and her support.

Having lost my own daughter at an early age, I am familiar with the trauma of loss. I know that you never fully heal and that pain will always remain. But you can learn to live again. You can move forward and find purpose again. Jennifer will help you do that.

If you or someone you know is struggling with or has ever struggled with depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, or other mental health concerns, PLEASE read this book! Even if you're simply seeking to further understand some of these concerns, this is a great place to start.

Let Jennifer Tracy help you find your light!

Global Reviews...

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Paul Erik

This really is a book worth reading. From a male's perspective (like my own), the author's honesty and openness about her own life experience offers insight that will help most who are struggling with depression or suicide, and those interested in learning about it, to understand how to navigate through the complexity of emotions and experiences that can be involved with it.

Some of her examples, such as the check engine light analogy, makes sense in my mind. The resources and advice are worth considering as this is a subject often very personal and private. It really does offer hope and encouragement to live and reading the book made me appreciate my own life.

Renee Berent

I'm blown away by Jennifer's life and story. Her compassion for others shines through in this book. As you read the accounts of her pain you feel it through the pages. I appreciate how she doesn't sugarcoat the darkness and even shares her own failure.

Thank you Jennifer for having the courage to write this!

Tyra Toepfer

This book is a game-changer. Just when you think Jennifer is going to play the victim card, she pulls out forgiveness and says “I had practice at forgiving those who didn’t deserve forgiveness... and that included me!”

So powerful Jennifer, thank you for having the courage to put it all out there.

Bill Honeycutt

 “I wish that this book would have been available before my wife took her life nearly 11 years ago. Jennifer has so much to offer with her insights and experiences as she was in that bottomless pit and crying out for hope.

If I would have had Jennifer's book, maybe I would seen the symptoms of my wife crying out for help. She did not want me or her loved ones to know of her depression or suicidal thoughts.

Thank you Jennifer for the courage to write your personal testimony in order to help so many people with similar pain.” 

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