Jennifer Tracy and Mike Schuppe

Supporting those who protect us is not a job.

It's my purpose and speaks to my deepest mission.

So often, the strongest and bravest of us struggle in silence with depression, anxiety, grief, survivor’s guilt, hopelessness, and much more. 


If you are wired like any of the warriors I know...


You believe in the value of teamwork and rely on others...


You dread burdening others with your personal struggles...


You have a real fear that seeking help could cost you your job...


You may even feel like suffering without support is a part of your calling...


This can stop today!

Jennifer will help you "Take Your Power Back"

When I was in the midst of my battle with suicidal ideation I was convinced that my daughters were better off without me.

I fought for over a year until the day I had the sickest thought while I was driving in the car with my daughters. That was the day I walked myself into the psychiatric unit. 

That choice came with severe consequences. As a result, I deeply understand what can happen when you trust the wrong person with your most private pain.

We stand ready to bring you Real Solutions to the Real Problems You Are Facing.

 Jennifer Tracy

When I was in the midst of my battle with suicidal ideation I was convinced that my daughters were better off without me.

I fought for over a year until the day I had the sickest thought while I was driving in the car with my daughters. That was the day I walked myself into the psychiatric unit. 

That choice came with severe consequences. As a result, I deeply understand what can happen when you trust the wrong person with your most private pain.

We stand ready to bring you Real Solutions to the Real Problems You Are Facing.

 Jennifer Tracy

Here's A Breakdown of The Range of Issues We Take Head On...

Guided Experience with Jennifer Tracy-Deepens Her Work

Win The Mental Health Battle You Are Facing...


  • Insights on the suicidal mind. Strategies to understand and navigate its complexity.

  • How being resilient can breed the need to be perfect & what to do instead.
  • Concepts on how hard it is to forgive yourself and others.
  • Why it's challenging but possible, to find life on the other side of trauma, loss, and grief. Even if it feels like a "life sentence."
  • Practical ways to navigate mental warfare and "take your power back." 
  • How to grieve and move forward at the same time. 


Private, secure access, from your phone, computer, or even our free app.


Included: Ebook



  • A Holistic View of Wellness contains 4 key takeaways. (Grief, Anxiety, Depression & Acceptance)
  • Rock Bottom Experiences-Adapt or Stay Stuck.
  • God | Higher Power | Faith 
  • Lasting Change- Strategies For Growth. 
  • Finding Life On The Other Side.
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KINDLE | SOFTCOVER- Full Color Book/Workbook

Jennifer's work speaks life and inspires you to change. She understands the complexity, brings the unseen enemy to life, and empowers you to face your battle head-on.

Abiud (Abi) Montes

- Combat Veteran/MGySgt/Firefighter

Jennifer’s teachings encompass so to survive your childhood, depression, hope, and creating a meaningful life."

—Iris Davis RN, BSN

Having experienced “the fury” of depression and suicidal ideation, this book helped me find the words to describe some of what was going on in my head...Jennifer does a great job of balancing hope with the gritty reality of what she faced, and she helps you start to see your own story with some of that.

–Andrea Bowen - US Armed Forces

With the ACA Model of Self Mastery, you’ll turn our insights into specific, individual strategies that work for you.


Jennifer's Master Guide to Mental Wellness is strategically designed to help you implement the ACA Model of Self Mastery TM

ACA refers to- Awareness -> Choice -> Action

You must have Awareness to begin with.

However, if “Awareness” is based on insights that don't understand  your mindset and culture, you’ll stay stuck.

The right insights bring new Choices The Master Guide will help you see a range of "Choices" for confronting your most painful challenges.

Action is what helps you regain control in the middle of adversity. 

“Awareness” and “Choices” must be paired with Action.

Why should you utilize Jennifer's Master Guide To Mental Wellness?

Jennifer Tracy - Redefine Your Mission with the Master Guide To Mental Wellness

I have strategically designed the Master Guide to help you gain real traction and lasting change in your life.

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These tools, strategies, and solutions fit into your life, in a totally private, confidential, at-your-own pace kind of way. 


Without spending thousands of dollars, you can gain time-tested insights and learn how to "Master" Personal Growth & Mental Wellness.


This is not another offer on resilience. We already know you are resilient. We empower you to face your battles with courage.

For less than the cost of a single therapy or coaching session, you can gain a wealth of new insights...

Go at your own pace, in a secure and confidential online portal. 


Gain unique insights that come from years of serving warriors and first responders.

I had no idea how hard it would be to find life on the other side of grief and PTSD when my husband and daughter died in a car crash...

Suffering Silently Ends Here


Jennifer Tracy is a leading mental health advocate, best-selling author of From the Deepest Darkness to the Light of Hope, and a highly sought-after transformational speaker & coach who uses her lived experience to guide others towards healing. Jennifer is a survivor of multiple traumas, including losing her husband and daughter, both killed by a drunk driver. For over a decade she has empowered others to survive adversity and thrive regardless of regret, pain, loss, and circumstances beyond their control. 


What Others Are Saying

Jennifer effortlessly drops her shield to become completely vulnerable creating a sense of safety which allows others to do the same. As a First Responder myself, I know that PTSD is real and that it comes with the role of being a first responder. The greater awareness that Jennifer creates is supportive to me and my ability to care for myself, which allows me to be supportive to my fellow fighter fighters. Jennifer's program is presented in such a way that only a person who has actually survived this kind of tragic experience can connect with and relate to others who may be struggling."

IAN SCHWARTZ- Lefthand Fire District

To help you utilize this Master Guide we've added these Bonuses...

AUDIOBOOK- ($18 Value)

Included: Jennifer's latest Audiobook- From The Deepest Darkness To The Light of Hope. 

Narrated by author Jennifer Tracy. Raw, compelling, and life-changing.


Contains 20+ Exercises strategically designed to help you take action and gain traction, right now!

5 additional workbooks- are there if you want them.


Keep your thoughts, worksheets, and self-care checklist organized and there when you need it.

Plus 365 days of personal growth prompts.



What Others Are Saying...


If you want to win your mental health battle, don't leave here without grabbing these life-changing resources.

We are not meant to win these battles alone."


This Is For You If:

  • You're tired of advice from people who don't get it.
  • You've tried other things that didn't work.
  • You want time-tested and trusted insights that you can apply right away.

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You want an instant cure.
  • You think there is a single best solution for everyone.
  • You are not willing to put in the effort to learn and grow.
Jennifer you are spot on when you say “learn the language of the enemy”. This is an operational arena in which too many get lost trying to reclaim or find their way back to themselves.
You speak from having walked into the darkness.
You speak from having learned the language of the enemy and you embody a living example of hope.
We need more folk who have walked the walk rather than talked the talk.
Keep doing what you are doing.
Navigating through the enemy takes skill. This is the journey of the Warrior, not just the academic. 
In authentically and compassionately being seen by another, especially those that come from Tribe, lives will be saved.
Thank you for your vision, dedication, and service.

                   Barry Zworestine

Combat Veteran/Author/Psychologist

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We equip leaders, Veterans, those who work in Emergency Services, and those who love and support them with real solutions to bring the “unseen enemy” to life and empower you to Rebuild Yourself From The Inside Out.

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