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10 Down To Earth Reflections & Ways To Come Alongside Those Who Are Grieving... Maybe Even Yourself!


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NUGGET 1- Video Length 2:09

Why It's Important To Treat Fresh Grief Differently! 

Things I would not bring up with someone who just lost a loved one. There is a time and a place.
NUGGET 2- Video Length 1:58

Things people say that hurt my soul.

Sometimes we don't take the time to learn what others believe, think, or feel. Here are a few things I think most people grieving wish others would not say.
NUGGET 3- Video Length 2:33

Comparing Grief.

People want to console you and most people are good-hearted. Sometimes though, they try to relate. Listen in as I share a way to relate that can be respectful.
NUGGET 4- Video Length 2:53

How To Truly Be Helpful.

In the wake of tragedy, grief, or loss people want to be useful and help somehow. Listen in as I share one suggestion that can make a big difference.
NUGGET 5- Video Length 1:32

After we lose our loved ones, the sad truth is that most go back to living their lives. 

If someone you care about has lost someone they love or is going through crisis or adversity- here is a suggestion that could be life-saving for them. To this day, I still utilize this.
NUGGET 6- Video Length 2:24

What should you do if you think that someone needs help from a professional or may benefit from outside support?

Listen in as I share a respectful way to encourage those grieving that seeking help may not be what they think. Learn a way to reshape this thinking.
NUGGET 7- Video Length 2:40

Wisdom on how to protect yourself from outside influences during crisis, loss, or grief.

Often in the wake of tragedy or loss, we pour ourselves into well-intentioned things. Listen in as I share how to protect you and those you love during this time frame.
NUGGET 8- Video Length 2:22

Emotions- please understand the Non-Judgement Zone.

People are often shamed for feelings of anger, revenge, regret, rage, and even thoughts of suicide. Listen in about my thoughts on this.
NUGGET 9- Video Length 2:27

Be honest and humble. If you have never gone through something, admit that.

This is similar to the emotion video but takes it one step further in how to truly help someone when their life has fallen apart.
NUGGET 10- Video Length 5:56

I think society could make great advances if others could learn this powerful lesson.

Listen in as I share several stories and how they played out differently because I understood a basic principle taught in therapy. 


We promise not to sell your information or spam you!

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I'm Jennifer Tracy

18 years ago my husband and twin daughter were killed in a car crash. One year later I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had no idea how hard it would be to find life on the other side of grief, suicidal ideation, betrayal, and PTSD.

What I've discovered is that change takes time. Grief and mental health battles are complex. It's my life's deepest purpose and mission to help you find life on the other side of what you are facing. I put this short Grief Guide together in hopes that you might find one or two things helpful.

It is possible to heal and grow in the midst of adversity.

I understand that it may not feel that way right now.

Your life matters to me and I'm honored to be your guide.

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